Stark's Plastics


Acrylic Mirror

Exhibits the highest strength and stiffness

Mirrored acrylic sheet is made with continuously processed acrylic sheet The durability of this sheet makes It virtually scratch”resistant during fabrication.

PETG Mirror

Provides some cost savings and is best for diecutting

PETG mirror offers versatile fabrication properties with good impact strength, good design flexibility, and speed of fabrication.

Polycarbonate Mirror

Offers the best impact resistance

Polycarbonate mirror offers better strength, security, and flame resistance.

Standard Sizes

Acrylic Mirror

48"x96" (0.060"-0.236" thick)

PETG Mirror

48"x96" (0.030"-0.118" thick)

Polycarbonate Mirror

48"x96" (0.118" and 0.236" thick)

*Custom sizes are available upon request

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